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FIBA Strategic and Development Workshop 2019 -SABA Sub Zone

FIBA Strategic and Development Workshop 2019 of the South Asian Basketball Association Sub Zone was held on 07th and 08th March 2019 in The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bengalaru,India.

President of the Bhutan , Secretaries from Sri Lanka,India,Bhutan ,Afganistan , Bangladesh and Representatives from Maldives ,Bangladesh and India participated for this workshop .Nepal and Pakistan were absent.

Mr. Hagop Khajirian -Executive Director,FIBA Asia, Mr. Varadan Petrosyan-Competitions Director ,FIBA Asia,Mr. Hovsep Seraydarian - Communications Director, FIBA Asia, Ms. Andrea Paoli - National Federation Development,FIBA Asia, Mr. Maarouf Mawloud - Manager Statistics and Mr. Heros Avenasian- Manager Officiating and Licensing,FIBA Asia made the presentations.

It was a very interactive and informative workshop where FIBA Asia is going to do major changes in the areas of competition,licensing,media,communication,officiating and coaching to take FIBA Asia on par with the digital advancement in the world.

President of the Basketball Federation of India Mr.K.Govindraj and Secretary Mr. Chander Mukhi Sharma made the welcome address and the vote of thanks accordingly.

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