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A heartfelt thank you to Taprobane Basketball Club UAE!

We are incredibly grateful to Tapro and the former Sri Lankan basketball players for their generous donation of 20 FIBA-approved GG7X basketballs. These balls will be instrumental in the SABA U16 Men's Basketball Qualifier, hosted right here in Sri Lanka, where two outstanding teams will earn the honor of representing us at the FIBA Asia U16 Men's Championship 2023 in Qatar from 14th - 17th September 2023.

Taprobane Basketball Club UAE, founded in 2005 by some of our very own national basketball legends, including former captains Sugath Thivarapperuma and Sujith Croos, has been a beacon of unity and sportsmanship in the UAE. Year after year, they have been a vital part of every Sri Lankan sporting event in the Emirates, showcasing their skills in both local and international tournaments.

Beyond their passion for basketball, Tapro also takes pride in engaging with their community and providing a platform for Sri Lankans in the UAE to come together and enjoy the sport they love.

We are honored to have Taprobane Basketball Club UAE stand by us as we support our talented U16 basketball squad in their journey to the 2023 Asian Basketball Championship. Together, with their support and our team's dedication, we are ready to conquer new heights!


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