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Congratulations !!

Following officials and national players have successfully completed the NOC sports administer course 2019

1. Mr. Paul Newman - Vice President SLBF/Chef De Mission SABA U16 Men's Championship 2019

2. Mr. Hashendra Fernando - Vice President SLBF / Manager Sri Lanka Men’s Pool SAG 2019

3. Mr. Rodley Ockerz - Chairman National Selection Committee for Basketball/Manager Sri Lanka Women’S Pool SAG 2019

4. Ms. Kumarine Silva - National player

5. Ms. Jayaliya Kumari - National Player

SLBF wish them all the very best for their Sports Career

Event -

Mr. Paul Newman

Mr. Hashendra Fernando

Mr. Rodley Ockerz

Ms. Jayaliya Kumari

Ms. Kumarine Silva

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